Home Improvements That Help Sell Your House

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Did you know that making certain home improvements before listing your house can help you sell faster? More importantly, some improvements will net 100% of your investment back to you, on average. Whether you have an aging home or something that is newer construction, here is a short list of improvements and renovations that can help you to get every dollar you deserve. 


In addition to adding to your home’s overall curb appeal, HGTV suggests that landscaping can net you dollar for dollar returns. What this means is that for every dollar you spend on your landscape, you can anticipate getting that dollar back in your sale price. If your front yard looks overgrown, break out the clippers and start there. Simply cleaning up an overgrown or messy yard is a free way to give potential buyers a clearer look at your house. 

Add some colorful plants, sod and flagstones to your yard for a finished look that will draw attention to detail and help buyers imagine themselves relaxing on your porch. Sealants on your walkway can help protect your investment and give a shiny look that will last for years to come. A new front door is the second best ROI, according to Realtor.com. 

According to the American Nursery and Landscape Association, the average homeowner spends $3500 landscaping and approximately $1400 for a designer. If you have an artistic eye, you can save money by using guidelines from a landscaping book or magazine to design your own slice of heaven. 

General Exterior Improvements

Replacing worn or damaged vinyl siding, columns or pergolas can net you up to 95.5% of your original investment. By removing old awnings from windows and doors, you will give your house a more modern and updated look that can trick the eye into feeling like the house is larger than it is. 
A can of paint also goes a long way. 400 square feet, to be exact. Use paint color cards to eliminate the guesswork for selecting complimentary and contrasting colors for exterior soffits, ceilings, siding and more. 

Small Kitchen Improvements

While major kitchen renovations average only an 80% ROI, some minor improvements net as much as 85%. Additionally three quarters of home buyers say the kitchen is the most important consideration when looking for a new home. Financial guru Dave Ramsey suggests improvements like smart appliances, freshy painted cabinets, new backsplash and counter tops to enhance your kitchen without “over-remodeling,” which is an important consideration since you will rarely recoup all of the money you spend on a kitchen. 

Minor Bathroom Upgrade

We saved the best for last, as a minor bathroom upgrade can actually net you a profit, averaging a 102% return on your investment, according to DesignEverest.com. Replacing old toilets with newer, more efficient models will help lower bills for a potential buyer. 

Homebuyers are on the look out for accessible bathrooms that are convenient for ailing seniors, since many people care for an elderly relative at some point in their life. Wider doorways, handicap railings in showers and walk in showers can all be deal makers, while narrow bathrooms with high tubs can be deal breakers for many shoppers. 

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